About Us

About Us

Tipsy Records is a unique, discovery-oriented independent dance and pop music label based out of southern Florida owned and managed by Darren Simko.  The label was formed in 2016 out of a press and publicity business originally under the brand name The Tipsy Tortoise, which organized streaming and blog campaigns among other services before it became time to grow with the ever-evolving music industry.  The label’s goals are highly artist-focused:  Developing and managing the music, as well as moving ahead to offer other services, such as publishing, and developing the artists more than ever.

Tipsy Records is a key tastemaker among independent dance music labels, having accrued over 150 million streams to date across platforms.  The label has been recognized by many leading industry curators, having discovered several artists early on in their careers, including EDM.com, YourEDM, and Dancing Astronaut.  Tipsy Records has been visible and excited to attend the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) three times and Miami Music Week four times thus far.

In its over 100 releases, the greatest Tipsy Records success to date belongs to “Vibe” by Frank Pierce and Famba, which was licensed to Epic Records Oslo, is a gold record in Norway, and has received over 27 million streams. Other huge numbers belong to “No Way” by JRL (over 18 million) and “Secrets” by Alex Parker (over 11 million).

Some of the additional artists whose releases appear in the growing, diverse, and robust Tipsy Records catalog are: 

Alex Parker“American Idol” Top 20 finalist Robbie Rosen
bvdKult“American Idol” Top 40 competitor Geena Fontanella
DuniscoActress, celebrity DJ and producer Lauren Mayhew
DyriskActress and social media star Kacey Fifield
Eche PalanteMaggie Szabo
FlyboyEva Simons
GiiantsTom Bailey
JRLRachel Woznow
KastraVictor Perry
KaylioxCammie Robinson
KronoEmily Bonabon
Marc BenjaminMark Asari
MKJDean Robert
Nick PetersMike Gomes
Nik ErnstWill Heggadon
OsrinTammy Infusino
Prince ParisJon Pike
WizzayArizona Jones
and many more!

Tipsy Records has also seen releases licensed to Parlophone France and is currently flourishing in partnership with Florida based Symphonic Distribution.  We look forward to continued growth and consistency over the next few years, which will include developing its Publishing as a core service.

About Darren Simko, Owner and Manager

Darren Simko is making his desire for a career in music into reality! Tipsy Records is where Darren brings his love of artistry and a hands-on approach to the creative process for the songs that are released by the label.  A native of Florida, Darren has played piano for 20 years and grew up listening to Motown records.  It is no surprise, then, that high quality, innovative dance music with a consistent brand forms the essence of Tipsy Records releases!