“Endgame” is engaging and thoughtful electronic pop by newcomers Howen and AZINZA

“Endgame” is the first Tipsy Records release from two Dutch newcomers, electronic dance producer  and songwriter Howen, and vocalist/songwriter AZINZA. It’s a thought-provoking and heartfelt song  about how relationships don’t usually mirror the storybook tales that we grew up to enjoy and  fantasize about, but yet there is still hope for a fairytale ending even if the last one didn’t work out.  The song came to fruition based on Howen’s breathtaking and timeless melody, and the two artists  polished it up and finished it within four hours. AZINZA’s vocal shifts from wistful to resolute, but  clearly world-weary and fraught with the sting of a relationship that would never be. Peppered with  buoyant synths and beats, “Endgame” offers the listener a unique experience and isn’t afraid to  follow an engaging path that digresses from the usual direction of songs in the electronic dance  music genre. 

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About Howen 

Howen is a 19 year old producer/DJ/musician from The Netherlands. He found his passion for music  at the age of 6, when he started playing the piano. A few years later he started to play the drums  and guitar too. It didn’t take long before he discovered dance music and that’s when he knew he  wanted to become a producer. In 2019 he started studying dance production at the Herman Brood  Academy. Howen loves jazz and funk and you can hear that in his music. His music is a combination  between electronic dance, pop, jazz and funk, and that’s something you won’t hear very often in the  dance music scene. Howen is definitely an artist you should keep an eye on. “Endgame” is an  awesome left-of-center fit for the Tipsy Records electronic pop/dance music brand. In a matter of  two years, Howen has already acquired over 800,000 streams on Spotify with his initial releases. 


AZINZA is a 22 year old songwriter and vocalist from The Netherlands. She was raised with the music  of Motown and began ballet classes at the age of four, later progressing to jazz, street-dance, hip hop and cheerleading in the years to come. She grew up being surrounded by music and many  different genres. All of these sounds, rhythms and varied types of lyrics created a strong and diverse  foundation for AZINZA’s own love of music, as well as her creativity. AZINZA is a real team player. Along with her own ideas for vocals and stories, her main goal in the writing process of every track is  to capture the producer’s vision and translate it into her lyrics and melodies to make sure that every  track created is unique. She believes that the team effort takes the tracks to the next level and with  that gives them the extra spark they deserve. 


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