M.O.O.N Pro and Joe Jury join forces with captivating dance pop release “Feel”

“Feel” is the dazzling new dance pop single by the Russian deep house production team M.O.O.N  Pro and British pop vocalist/songwriter Joe Jury on Tipsy Records. The song is a plea for us not to  conceal our emotions and enjoy the ride, particularly when we want to escape away with someone  special. It can also be applied more broadly to the worldwide circumstances that we all have faced  during the last year, when it is so easy to put your guard up and keep it there. “Feel” has a stunning  melody with future house flourishes and dreamy imagery that make it breeze by. The sentiments of  “Feel” are earnest and memorable, and Joe Jury’s vocal – particularly in the chorus – is nothing short  of effortless. Its bright synths and overall high-quality lustre will appeal most to fans of songs by Sam  Feldt, Alesso, and Joel Corry. “Feel” appears in both in its stellar Single mix and a dashing Club mix  guaranteed to keep you grooving. “Feel” is the real deal!! 

Stream + Download here – https://fanlink.to/moonpro-joeyjury-feel

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