Mats Gulbrandsen, alias Dunisco, has been a face on the Norwegian underground scene for some time. Not only has he had  several songs played on the radio, he has also managed to gather a zealous SoundCloud fan base of over 21,000 after  releasing several official and unofficial remixes in recent years. 

Taken every step 

Although ‘Easy Love’ is his début on disco:wax, it is far from Dunisco’s first encounter with the industry. The legend, Ferry Corsten, published him on his own label, Flashover Recordings, and as a DJ he managed the master stroke of being a  resident at Pacha in Poland. Not bad for a humble guy who was a sound engineer for the school plays in Stokke, Vestfold  rather than being on stage. The key? Hard work! 

“I’ve had to work hard to get anywhere in music, and I have worked an awful lot. But if I succeed, I can at least say that I  have taken every step up the music business ladder, without skipping a single rung! 

In recent years, he has produced an extraordinary number of songs, and he has tried his hand at more or less all of the sub genres of electronic music along the way. Despite an obvious wordplay on Nu-Disco in the artist’s name, he has many  inspirations, and the variation in output is impressive. 

“Music is the only place I feel I can be myself and really let me loose”, he said. 

“I’m a simple guy who spends most of his time in the studio, so many of the best moments in my life have been musical. It  has been my escape when things have gone bad and it has been a pleasure when things have gone my way.

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