Any Other Way” is new techno-inspired future house by Choujaa & Mariline featuring Marie Font

Being deep in love, through the good times and bad ones, is the theme of “Any Other Way” by  Choujaa & Mariline featuring Marie Font. It marks a premiere on Tipsy Records for Moroccan  electronic dance producer Choujaa, who has already had multiple releases on labels such as  LoudKult and Lowly Palace, and support from some of the world’s best DJ/producers like Dash  Berlin, Sander van Doorn, and Lucas & Steve. He is joined by fellow Moroccan producer Mariline,  who has already had an auspicious Tipsy Records debut in 2020 with “We Are Home”. The vocals  are by new ‘mystery artist’ Marie Font. “Any Other Way” has been two years in the making, full of  techno-inspired future house synths and beats which can make a solid addition to artists such as Martin Garrix and Armin van Buuren in a playlist. Finding the right singer for the music was critical – Marie’s passionate and sincere vocal sinks in deep as the song flows into soaring and memorable  climactic moments. 

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About Choujaa 

Choujaa is a Moroccan electronic music producer and DJ who has risen to prominence combining old  groove sounds with new progressive vibes, and melodic sounds to create a unique and cool sound. Choujaa is a big fan of melodic and deep house, and his music is designed to channel his emotions through these  mediums. The results are cohesive and rich future and progressive house songs that stand out in a mix.  Choujaa’s music has seen release through Loudkult , Lowly Palace, Sirup, and TurnItUp, with from the likes  of Dash Berlin , Sander van Doorn, Dada Life, Lucas & Steve, and Yves V

About Mariline 

Moroccan producer/DJ Mariline went to an Avicii concert in 2015 and after that he was hooked on  making dance music. His first release was in 2018, after which time he took a bit of a break to  develop his sound. His latest music has received a cumulative million streams so far, as well as  support from the likes of Dash Berlin, Yves V, and R3SPAWN. Tipsy Records is pleased to showcase  Mariline’s gift for slick production while still himself a teen in “Any Other Way” after his compelling recent work with Lauren Mayhew in 2020 on “We Are Home”. 

“Any Other Way” is another remarkable, quality release for Tipsy Records. The label has now  achieved over 65 million streams just on Spotify with tracks from its four-year catalog of breaking  talent such as Alex Parker, Famba, bvdkult, Frank Pierce, MKJ, Nick Peters, Toniia, Flyboy, and  Giiants. The label has a highly tuned ear for its own brand of discovery in both underground and  mainstream hits, licensing to labels including Epic Oslo and Parlophone France, amongst others.  Tipsy is currently flourishing in partnership with Florida based Symphonic Distribution. 


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