Dunisco and Robbie Rosen release vibrant banger “When I Lost You”

Upbeat rhythms, slick melodies, the theme of moving on from past relationships – for some reason,  they always blend well together to forge some of the best records in today’s dance music. Adding to  that ongoing legacy is “When I Lost You” by Norwegian producer Dunisco and NYC-based vocalist  and songwriter Robbie Rosen.  

“When I Lost You” marks the second Tipsy Records release for Dunisco following “Heaven In The  Heartbreak” (featuring Richard Judge) which has already amassed over 1.5 million streams across  platforms. “When I Lost You” showcases Dunisco’s talent for creating both a vibrant melodic  structure and synth drops that pack a memorable wallop. At the core of the song are thoughtful,  reflective lyrics by vocalist Robbie Rosen, the American Idol finalist whom you heard most recently  in the gorgeous Tipsy Records electro-ballad release “Last Breath”, an outstanding new duet with  Kacey Fifield. His impeccable, effortless delivery helps sooth the pain at the end of a relationship  and celebrates and transforms the best of what came out of it. “When I Lost You” is one winning  banger that makes you want to keep dancing and listening again and again. 

STREAM “When I Lost You” at this link: https://fanlink.to/dunisco-robbierosen-whenilostyou

About Dunisco 

Dunisco has worked his way up in the industry from a humble stage producer for school plays, to a  master DJ, and now to a formidable original creator who has been supported in his journey by the  likes of Ferry Corsten. Streams for his remixes and original releases (including 2017’s much played  

“Easy Love”) have already totalled over 20 million across all platforms, and he has numerous engaged followers on Soundcloud and Facebook. Dunisco – otherwise known as Mats Gulbrandsen – also established himself with his Gold Mix shows, while also playing several festivals in Norway.  “When I Lost You” once again showcases his powerhouse talent as a versatile dance music  producer. 

About Robbie Rosen 

Robbie Rosen has been on a wild, international ride since he finished in the Top 16 in Season 10 of  “American Idol”. He has amassed over 10 million streams on Spotify alone, and had a #16 Italian  dance hit with “Wasted Love” (released by Universal/Republic/Casablanca). He has opened on tour  for Shawn Mendes, Melanie Martinez, Jake Miller, and more, and has seen his songs “Summer  Madness”, “Blind”, & “Ain’t Backin’ Down” placed on MTV‘s “Siesta Key”, FOX‘s “So You Think You  Can Dance”, & CBS’ “March Madness Basketball”. Robbie is currently signed to a publishing deal  with BMG/Green & Bloom. His philanthropy includes supporting and performing for various  charities, such as the TJ Martell Foundation, Sophia’s Cure Foundation, Relay For Life, and Friends  of Karen. Robbie saw a busy 2020 releasing many new songs in collaboration with dance producers  such as Saxity, Sick Individuals, and Ludvigsson

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